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  • Word is getting around…

    In just under three months, I have sold all 500 1st edition copies of Big Ole Striped Silas! My home office has now been restocked as I continue to make connections. Pet Food Warehouse will be selling my book now, as well as Guy’s Farm and Yard in Morrisville and in Williston. I have many schools I will be visiting in the next few weeks before summer arrives. And Silas Gets a Sister is in the final production stages. Very exciting for me, Silas, and Opal!

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  1. We thoroughly enjoyed your visit to Highgate Elementary School. You were fantastic with the kids! They loved hearing your book and you seemed remarkably comfortable leading discussions with a variety of age groups. We look forward to reading Silas Gets a Sister.

  2. Thank you sooo much for spending the day with us at the Milton Elementary School. The children enjoyed it a great deal and the teachers were thrilled! Big Ole Striped Silas is a wonderful book that spurs a great deal of conversation! I would highly recommend inviting Grannie Snow to come to your school!

  3. I am a teacher in New York. As I type my students are helping me write this comment. We received 25 books this week for my students. We truly enjoyed Big Ole Striped Silas. We loved the character’s emotions and actions. Also, the illustrations are breathtaking. We look forward to reading the next book in the series. Please let us know when it comes out. PS – Big Ole Striped Silas is now in our school library. Over 700 students will be able to check it out. Best of luck

    Ms. Rossi and Class 3R

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