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Grannie Snow’s school visits are a wonderful experience for students and adults alike. She is very professional and organized from beginning to end. Grannie Snow was easy to work with to cater our school visit to fit our needs for our school and students. She sent us everything we needed to prepare for her visit including promotional flyers and a funny picture of her and A LOT of cats. Between the cat picture and previewing her books, the kids were dying to meet her. Grannie Snow’s presentations were engaging for our students and included reading her books and time to discuss ideas, writing, publishing, marketing, and illustrations. Many of our students purchased books from Grannie Snow at a very reasonable price. She even personalized and autographed them. Our school author visit was very successful. Thank you Grannie Snow.
— C. Baron

Hi Grannie Snow! A few years ago I purchased a book from you at the Lyndonville Craft show which you signed for me for my grandaughter. I now have all your books, today I purchased the Carrot and Turnip book. We absolutely love these stories. Thank you! I have moved to Pennsylvania and will continue to check your site for new stories!
— A. Morse

My 4 year old granddaughter brought home your book from preschool, Silas and Opal’s Outdoor Adventure, and it was wonderful! I read it to her and she loves the cats. I showed her your web site and the pictures of the actual Silas and Miss Opal. She thought that was great. Thank you for sharing and keep up the stories! The illustrations are great also. Thanks again.
— J. Tremblay

We are thrilled to be inviting Grannie Snow to read at our school. Her books have very touching messages and I know our students will love to hear them read again and again.
— S. Callanan

The “Silas Series” is, fortunately, continuing onward to book number five. Each story is unique and holds your attention as Silas, Opal and Grannie Snow encounter little challenges in their lives. This book might be my favorite because of the humorous little crisis for the cats, and Grannie’s attempts to cope with them. As a cat caretaker, I sure know her anxiety over some incidents and laughed out loud! It’s a funny book, suspenseful and, as always, written in rhyme. The illustrations are first rate. Oh, such adorable cats and such terrific facial expressions on them! There is not a child alive, in my humble opinion, who would not enjoy reading about the latest happenings with Silas and Opal, and there are few pet parents who would not identify with Grannie.
— M. Waltien

It is true! Silas and Opal’s Outdoor Adventure is another amazing story! I had the privilege of hearing Grannie Snow’s granddaughter read it at the Turtle Fur tent sale. This series is full of heart! If you’re looking for a playful rhythmic read with equally wonderful illustrations these books will rock your world! (Plus, cats rule and dogs drool!)
— Shelby

Hi Grannie Snow! Declan loved listening to you read your books at the recent craft show in Bristol! Thank you so much. The books we purchased have provided hours of endless bedtime giggles. We have read the 3 books we bought so many times that Declan has started to recite parts of the book from memory! I bought the 2 other books for Christmas and can’t wait to add the 2 other books to our bedtime repertoire. Keep on creating! We can’t wait for the next book to come out.
— Mei Lee

I just ordered the latest book for my great niece, Sydney. She just can’t wait to read what I send her. My nephew said she loves these books, and it is her go to series when he reads to her at night.
— P. Stott

I bought these amazing books for my granddaughters and it is all I can do to save them until Christmas…they are going to LOVE THEM as much as I do!! You keep writing them, and I will keep buying them. So wonderful to meet you this summer!
— J. Quesnel

We had Grannie Snow visit on March 9 with our PreK through 3rd grades. The students and the teachers loved her. She is welcoming and personable with a great sense of humor. The students, teachers, and librarian would highly recommend having her visit your school!
— V. Litzinger

We thoroughly enjoyed your visit to Highgate Elementary School. You were fantastic with the kids! They loved hearing your books and you seemed remarkably comfortable leading discussions with a variety of age groups. We look forward to reading more Silas stories.
— K. Thomas

These books are awesome! Great for small children to enjoy! Highly recommended!
— S. Boivin

Grannie Snow visited Danville School reading her books to the younger elementary students and then discussing the art of writing with the older elementary students. The students loved hearing her. They, too, want to hear the continuation of the adventures of Silas and Opal. Thank you so much, Grannie Snow, for the delightful day at Danville!
— M. Leadbeater

Our kids have been re-reading the third book all week! Great lessons about friendship, acceptance and adaptation. Beautiful illustrations, lyrical storytelling and a joy from start to finish. Grannie Snow rules.
— Anna B.

I am so thankful that you came to our school. I know my class had a great time and I think other classes did as well. Your books are great. It is really cool that your books are all Vermont made, that is very unique. I also think you are a great author. I really like the story behind it. Thank you for telling our class the background.
— a student at Shaftsbury Elementary

Yay for the arrival of the 3rd book! It is agreed at our house that the third is the best one so far. The initial friction between these two kittybabes is fun to read about. My kids especially like looking for the watchful mouse that appears on nearly every page. Thanks Grannie Snow!
— D. Abbene

I was visiting my 5 year old granddaughter last weekend in Virginia. While we were sitting together doing art work, she looks at me and says “Thank you for sending me the books that your friend wrote. I love them.” She was referring to the first two books in the Silas Series. I am ordering the third now!!!
— D. Celia

What wonderful books! No true animal lover could say anything different. Grannie has a passion for cats which clearly comes through. Looking forward to the next book.
— C. Dezotell

I discovered The Silas Series while attending a benefit craft show for Justice for Dogs at the Peoples Academy gym in November. The enthusiasm over the books by the author and others purchasing the books was notable. The text and message are matched only by the eye-catching and colorful illustrations. I’m looking forward to the next chapter of the cats’ adventures with Grannie Snow!
— P. Liese

Silas is a huge hit with my granddaughter and all the little ones I purchased books for in the last few weeks. Love the illustrations and how the stories flows. Looking forward to the next installment!
— L. McBrien

Wonderful read-a-loud stories, complimented by the illustrations and the great illustrations compliment the stories…a winning combination! Congratulations Grannie Snow!
— K. Link

My grandchildren LOVE these books. The stories and the illustrations are wonderfully entertaining to children of different ages. We can’t wait until the next book comes out.
— Gail

A long time lover of books, this series just had to be in my collection. My gr-grandchildren love it and I need to buy more copies for my gr-grandsons also. So looking forward to the next book, and all the ones to follow. Congratulations Grannie Snow, welcome to our family.
— V. Newell

I could read the Big Ole Striped Silas book over and over. Being an owner and lover of cats, I really appreciate the story and outstanding illustrations. Great work; love it so much! Looking forward to more.
— L. Powell

What delightful stories to share with your little ones and perfect for animal shelters and rescue organizations to promote adoption. I love the illustrations!
— Conny

I met Grannie Snow at a craft show recently. I bought a couple of her books and have to say that my kids love them. The rhyming, the illustrations, and the story kept them totally absorbed. Thanks Grannie Snow!
— M. Gang

Colorful and fun books to read. My 8 year old Gabriel thought the pictures were “kool” and particularly enjoyed the rhyming. Grannie Snow has been able to craft stories that not only children will enjoy – but adults as well. We look forward to the next adventure.
— J. Ross

Wonderful books for cat lovers from ages 3 to 83! The stories takes the reader/listener through a range of emotions: sadness, curiosity, hope, empathy, happiness and love. The author has a true ear for word rhythm and the illustrations are vivid and detailed…right down to the cats on Grannie Snow’s blouse! Delightful books!
— A. Conway

I was immediately smitten with The Silas Series and bought them for my library. Grannie Snow has written charming stories about her cats, her relationship with them, as well as their relationship with each other. The stories provided my students the opportunity to talk about the importance of adopting animals, the responsibility of caring for them, and the special bond we have with our animals. Love of and for our pets is universal. The themes of these books transcend our feline relationships. Students loved the books as much as I did…maybe more so! And, be sure to invite Grannie to your school for an author’s visit!
— Vicki Litzinger, M.L.S. | St. Johnsbury School Library

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