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Big Ole Striped Silas

Move over Frog and Toad! Here come Big Ole Striped Silas and his little sister, Miss Opal. Silas really puts his best paw forward when “a sweet smelling lady” arrives at the shelter in search of a new housemate. When his dream to find a home comes true, Silas gives his shelter buddies a pep talk to encourage them to not give up hope in finding a home too. Big Ole Striped Silas will take your child through the sadness and loneliness of losing a beloved pet, to the joys and comfort of finding a new housemate. Big Ole Striped Silas is the first book in “The Silas Series: The Adventures of Silas and Opal.”


Silas Gets A Sister

What happens when Big Ole Striped Silas feels sad and lonely, being left home alone each day? He gets a little sister, that’s what! The search is on to find Silas some company and a playmate, starting with a trip to the cat show. When those fancy cats don’t seem like the right fit, it’s the ride home from the show that leads to the perfect friend for Silas. Meet Miss Opal, the runt of the litter, who’s full of spunk!


Silas and Opal Meet

They meet, they hiss, they spit! Will Big Ole Striped Silas ever welcome Miss Opal into his home? A bit of scolding and a lot of patience is in order as Silas and Opal figure out what being true friends is really all about.


Silas and Opal’s Shelter Visit

Big Ole Striped Silas wants to introduce Miss Opal to some of his old friends during a visit back to the shelter. Silas soon discovers all of his shelter buddies have found forever homes; all that is, except Big Heavy. Their walk down memory lane is interrupted by a commotion down the hall. Big Ole Striped Silas steps up to the plate, making sure all of the animals at the shelter know what is, and isn’t, appropriate behavior, all while Miss Opal looks on with pride!

Silas and Opal's Outdoor Adventure$10.99

Silas and Opal’s Outdoor Adventure

Miss Opal’s first trip outdoors turns into quite a “stinky” adventure when her curiosity gets the better of her. Opal meets a skunk and soon realizes she is in for more than she bargained for. When Big Ole Striped Silas tries to send the skunk on his way, he’s in for a big surprise too!

Silas and Opal's Bedtime Adventure$10.99

Silas and Opal’s Bedtime Adventure

Bedtime turns into quite an adventure when Silas and Opal decide it’s playtime with Mr. Mouse. No one is getting much rest until the broom comes out, and Silas and Opal finally settle down in the spare bedroom. But morning brings a surprise that no one saw coming!

The Onion That Didn't Stink$10.99

The Onion That Didn’t Stink

Ollie, a very sweet, kindhearted onion, is different than the other onions in the garden. Because he is different, Ollie is treated unkindly by the other onions in the patch. It takes one brave little onion to speak up and show those stinky onions that bullying is wrong, and that it is much better to be sweet than stinky!

Carl the Carrot$10.99

Carl The Carrot

For Carl, being different from the other carrots in the garden causes him to distance himself from the group so they won’t notice his unusual carrot top. It isn’t until Carl overhears a conversation that he realizes being diverse is a really good thing, and something Carl soon learns to embrace.

Ted The Turnip$10.99

Ted The Turnip

Angus the Asparagus needs a bit of work on his social skills when interacting with Ted the Turnip and other garden community members. Stan, a very kind and thoughtful string bean, figures out a problem plaguing Ted, and helps Angus learn better communication skills along the way.

The Silas Series is, from start to finish, a true Vermont product. All contributors; writer, illustrator, graphic designer, editor, web designer, and printer reside in Vermont, something we all take pride in. All books in The Silas Series are 8.5 x 11 softcover books. *For Bulk Orders over 10 books, please contact Grannie Snow.

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