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    That’s what it’s all about! Visited a number of schools over the past few weeks and continue to schedule events throughout the state. On the agenda is Highgate Library, Wee Explorers Daycare, Morristown Library, Alburg Elementary School, and Stowe Library, to name a few. And Silas Gets a Sister has moved into the stage where my illustrator and I are now choosing colors for each page image. Fun! Still hoping for a June, 2014 release date. Keep reading! Grannie Snow

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  1. The wonderful read-a-loud story is complimented by the illustrations as the great illustrations compliment the story…a winning combination!
    Congratulations Grannie Snow……………

  2. Congratulations on a beautiful story. I found it to be a heartwarming story beautifully illustrated. Well done Grannie Snow! I gave one copy to my granddaughter and another to my friend’s grandson. Big hit all around. Looking forward to the next installment.

  3. I will read this to my Day Care children. They will fall for Silas, I just know it!

  4. My grandchildren LOVE this book. The story and the illustrations are wonderfully entertaining to children of different ages. We can’t wait until the next book comes out.

  5. I finally had a chance to watch a tape of the Channel 3 WCAX interview and was so surprised to learn that the Silas Series has 5 parts! It was so neat to hear how it is unfolding. Grannie is a natural in front of the camera too! Awesome!

  6. Silas is a huge hit with my granddaughter and all the little ones I purchased a book for in the last few weeks. Love the illustrations and how the story flows. Looking forward to the next installment!

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