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    Posted on January 21, 2014 by in Silas's Corner

    If you live in or around Morrisville, Vermont and would like to purchase a copy of Big Ole Striped Silas, Grannie Snow is more than happy to deliver!  Books are priced at $11.65 each, tax included. Please feel free to email her at with your order. 

    Big Ole Striped Silas is now occupying the “Business Spotlight Table” at the People’s United Bank branch in Morrisville, Vermont.  Stop by the bank and check out the sample book that is on display.


13 Responses so far.

  1. Matt Gang says:

    I met Grannie Snow at a craft show recently. I bought a couple of her books and have to say that my kids love them. The rhyming, the illustrations, and the story kept them totally absorbed.

    Thanks Grannie Snow!

  2. Mary Ann Paquin says:

    WOW – Congratulations – I know this has been a true labor of love for you & I’m so very proud of your end results. I will be ordering 2 copies, one for me and one for an adult friend. Some day I may share with the “grands” LOL – Good for you Grannie Snow :)

  3. Conny Stutzenstein says:

    What a delightful story to share with your little ones. It is perfect for animal shelters and rescue organizations to promote adoption.
    I love the illustrations!

  4. Joy Jensvold says:

    Big Ole Striped Silas is a treat to read over and over again! The author is enthusiastic and imaginative in her story telling and the illustrations are adorable! I’m looking forward to reading all about Opal and how she joins Grannie Snow’s family!

  5. Cheryl Dezotell says:

    What a wonderful book! No true animal lover could say anything different. Grannie has a passion for cats which clearly comes through. Looking forward to the next book.

  6. Laurie Hammond says:

    Grannie Snow – trusted co-worker, faithful friend, proud mother of three, doting Grannie to four grandchildren, “Crazy Cat Lady” and now, children’s book author! Her obsession with her felines became crystal clear to me when she hired an artist to paint a portrait of Silas; confirmation that my friend was worthy of the sign bestowed to her by another co-worker announcing her as the “Crazy Cat Lady”. When Miss Opal arrived as company for Silas, her crazy love for her felines reached a whole new level. She loves and cares for them like she does her children and grandchildren. Grannie Snow has always had a way with words. As a math minded person myself, at work she has always been my go to “word person”. She had somewhat secretly been writing books for the past couple of years, but when she actually privileged me with reading her initial draft for Big Ole Striped Silas, I was so impressed with what she had done that I urged her to share it with others. The support that continued from so many gave her the confidence to pursue this new creative channel. Buy a book today! You won’t be disappointed and neither will any child you share it with!!

  7. Loretta Powell says:

    I could read the Big Ole Striped Silas book over and over. Being an owner and lover of cats, I really appreciate the story and outstanding illustrations. Great work; love it so much! Looking forward to more.

  8. Veronica Newell says:

    A long time lover of books, this just has to be in my collection. My gr-grandchildren love it and I need to buy more copies for my gr-grandsons also. So looking forward to the next book, and all the ones to follow. Congratulations Grannie Snow, welcome to our family. Veronica Newell

  9. Diana Zielske says:

    As another cat lover, I found this story delightful. The illustrations are also adorable. Can’t wait for the next book to come out and for grandchildren to read it to!

  10. Jean Ross says:

    Colorful and fun book to read. My 8 year old Gabriel thought the pictures were “kool” and particularly enjoyed the rhyming. Grannie Snow has been able to craft a story that not only children will enjoy – but adults as well. We look forward to the next adventure.

  11. Gail Brown Bartha says:

    kudos to the author and her illustrator. what an endearing and humorous look at the beginning of Silas’s and Grannie Snow’s adventures together. wonderful book…I can’t wait to share it with my friend’s children.

  12. Julie Newell says:

    We just received a copy for my (great) niece Courtney. She is going to love it, being a cat lover especially at her early age.
    And her big sister Kiersten can read it to her and I know she will enjoy it too!!! Thank you Grannie Snow and Good Luck!!!

  13. This is a wonderful book for cat lovers from ages 3 to 83! The story takes the reader/listener through a range of emotions: sadness, curiosity, hope, empathy, happiness and love. It’s a real feel good story. The author has a true ear for word rhythm and the illustrations are vivid and detailed…right down to the cats on Grannie Snow’s blouse! A delightful book!