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  • Reading Tour Successful

    Samuel Huntington Elementary School in Connecticut was my second stop on my recent reading tour south of the Vermont border.  I was waiting in the school’s front office when two first graders appeared and asked me if I was the author.  I responded in the affirmative, thinking “Wow, I am the author!”  My lifelong dream completed itself in that moment.  I followed them to their classroom and was greeted by interested and polite listeners.  The response at John B. Stanton Elementary was no different.  When I was asked to read Big Ole Striped Silas again, my heart soared.  I discovered the whipped cream on my sundae and the true reward of writing and producing this book series.  I cannot wait to read to the next rapt audience.   

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  1. I just received my second Silas book, love it! Keeping the first for myself, giving the second as a gift! This is a fantastic story and I cannot wait for the sequel!

  2. We are thrilled to be inviting Grannie Snow to read at our school. Her book has a very touching message and I know our students will love to hear it read again and again.

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