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  • Under the Christmas Tree

    Posted on January 3, 2015 by in Silas's Corner

    I am visualizing many happy kids receiving their Silas Series Books last year. Welcome to 2015! It is poised to be a great one. Book sales were strong and it is so encouraging when I continue to be asked when the next book will be out. Matthew is feverishly working on the illustrations and I am hoping for a spring release of Silas and Opal Meet. I continue to read at many different venues and partner with different animal welfare organizations to raise much needed funds for their wards.

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  1. Della says:

    Your sister, Gail gave me your first two books. They are wonderful!!! The story is great and the illustrations are amazing. I will order your next book also. I have a daughter who has cats and a granddaughter and grandson (live together) who will enjoy these also. THANK YOU for bring to life this wonderful story.