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    Posted on February 8, 2019 by in Silas's Corner

    I love getting feedback on my school visits and received the following message from a school I recently spent the day at: “The classroom teachers were thrilled with your presentation. This type of authentic learning brings so much relevancy to what teachers do everyday.”

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  1. Chris Baron says:

    Grannie Snow’s school visits are a wonderful experience for students and adults alike. She is very professional and organized from beginning to end. Grannie Snow was easy to work with to cater our school visit to fit our needs for our school and students. She sent us everything we needed to prepare for her visit including promotional flyers and a funny picture of her and A LOT of cats. Between the cat picture and previewing her books, the kids were dying to meet her. Grannie Snow’s presentations were engaging for our students and included reading her books and time to discuss ideas, writing, publishing, marketing, and illustrations. Many of our students purchased books from Grannie Snow at a very reasonable price. She even personalized and autographed them. Our school author visit was very successful. Thank you Grannie Snow.

  2. Jill Tremblay says:

    My 4 year old granddaughter brought home your book from preschool “Silas and Opal’s Outdoor Adventure, and it was wonderful! I read it to her and she loves the cats. I showed her your web site and the pictures of the actual Silas and Miss Opal. She thought that was great. Thank you for sharing and keep up the stories! The Illustrations are great also. Thanks again.