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    The responses I’ve received to Silas Gets a Sister have been fabulous! I think my favorite is “When will Book Three be out?” I think I hear this more often because Silas Gets a Sister is a bit of a cliffhanger. Rest assured we are making progress and the old adage that “good things come to those who wait” apply not only to Silas fans, but to me as well. I’m having great fun and excited to be back touring and reading to schools around Vermont.

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  1. my friends talk about how great your books are and shay tells me that opal is really long I love your books

  2. dear granny snow. thank you for coming to shaftbury elementary school to read big old striped silas and silas gets a sister!!!

  3. Thank you for coming and sharing your books with us. Our favorite part was when you read to us. My favorite part of the first book was the white cat with the fleas. The best part of the second book was when Opal’s brothers and sisters were bouncing all over the house.

  4. Grannie Snow visited Danville School reading her books to the younger elementary students and then discussing the art of writing with the older elementary students. The students loved hearing her. They, too, want to hear the continuation of the adventures of Silas and Opal. Thank you so much, Grannie Snow, for the delightful day at Danville!

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