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  • Engulfed in hugs…

    April and May are turning out to be jam packed with school visits. I’ve met so many nice teachers and librarians, and visited some really fabulous schools. One of my favorite moments was when I concluded a session with a first grade class and was suddenly enveloped by a group of children hugging me with all their might. It just doesn’t get any better than that!

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  1. Hi! I had a great time when you came to Pownal Elementary School! I hope you will visit again and soon…Otherwise, have a great day and dont forget to tell your kitties that I said hi, and that they are the prettiest kitties I have ever seen! Byeee!

  2. Thank you for coming to our school. We enjoyed your visit very much! We really like your books, they are fantastic and well written. You are a marvelous author! When you read your books to us, we were brimming with happiness. Some of us really like cats! We can’t wait for the fourth Silas book to come out!

    Thank you again, we hope to see you soon!


    Ms. Maguire-Jones’s 4th Grade Class

  3. hi granny snow i love your silas series i cant wait to read number4# thank you for coming to shaftsbury elementary school thank you for reading to Mrs.Cases class from Kendal thanks!

  4. I thought when you came you were great!
    I love to write too!
    If we have to write a story
    I write pages and pages!
    I hope you come again.
    S.E.S 3rd grader

  5. thank you for coming into the third grade classroom to share your books with us.

    love grace#

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