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  • A Review

    Posted on April 12, 2018 by in Silas's Corner

    Students at Coventry Village School were giddy with excitement the day Grannie Snow arrived to read to them, and discuss the art of writing and publishing children’s books. The students had read the first few books in The Silas Series and were hooked! These books are not only engaging for content, rhyme and illustrations, but powerful in the descriptions of empathy. Grannie discussed the emotions of grief, hope and happiness with students. Her relaxed, honest and enthusiastic demeanor allowed students to discuss these topics openly. She also opened our eyes to the tasks of self-publishing. Grannie met with individual age groups, pre-K-6th grade, and had students sitting on the edge of their seats, participating in rich conversation, asking thoughtful questions, making personal connections… What more could you ask for? Irene Dagesse, Enrichment Coordinator at Coventry Village School